Norcal Studiobooth {Redding, CA Photography Service}

Norcal Studiobooth is not only one of our Featured Vendors, but they are also one of our sponsors for our website launch party on April 30th at The Stirring in Redding CA. (So if you come to the party, you will get to see them in action!) We have really enjoyed getting to know Norcal Studiobooth & wanted you to have the opportunity to get to know them better too, so we setup a little interview!


NCES:  So I understand the NorCal StudioBooth is somewhat new in Redding. Tell us more about who you are.

Studiobooth: That’s right, we’re the new kids in town!  But that doesn’t mean the StudioBooth is new. It was designed, tested, and ran successfully for a couple of years in Southern California. When we decided to move back to Redding, we had to wait for a year to run out our SoCal contracts before moving the StudioBooth to Redding with us. Now that it’s here, we’re spreading the word about what we think is the raddest photo booth you’ll experience!

NCES:  Why do you call it the StudioBooth?

Studiobooth: Because it is a portable studio. And because it is a photo booth. It takes the best of both worlds to create a killer photo booth experience! The photographic components of the booth are a what you’ll find in upper end studios, giving our clients amazingly high quality images.  While the photo booth components allow for large groups, instant prints, and the largest live view screen built into the kiosk that you’ll find in any photo booth giving our clients and their guests a super fun and user friendly experience.


NCES:  What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen happen in your photo booth?

Studiobooth:  I’m not sure it’s appropriate to say! Seriously though, a lot of liquor induced party people have enjoyed the StudioBooth so we’ve seen a lot of creative and funny poses. Our favorite moments are when the DJ has some killer music pumping and the entire crowd of guests makes a circle around the booth and cheer each other on and try to outdo each other in their creativity. We love to see it bringing people together!

NCES:  What makes you stand out from other photo booth services?

Studiobooth: I think I’ve hit on this a bit already. Bringing clean, studio quality, images to the photo booth experience is a big difference for sure. To our knowledge, we use the largest live view screen in the industry, making it extra easy and fun for guests to use the StudioBooth. It’s also fully controlled by the user – and the guests really seem love to have that control. 


NCES: Is there anything else that you would like people to know about your services?

Studiobooth: One other thing that we think is important for people to know is that along with offering photo strips that print on the spot at your event we also edit the photos before uploading them to a gallery where guests can download their images and make prints.

If you would like more information about Norcal Studiobooth, you can visit their website at